Admin Panel Release 1.5

Release date 20-06-2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of version 1.5 of our platform, packed with exciting new features and enhancements. This update brings significant improvements to template management and introduces the Automated User Creation Configuration feature, streamlining user creation for SSO customers. 

New Features

Template Management

We are excited to introduce the latest update to our platform, featuring the highly anticipated Template Management enhancement. With this release, users gain improved control over templates for Customers, empowering them to list, manage, and share templates effortlessly.  

Key Features: 

  • Template Listing: Users can now easily list and organize templates for Customers, enhancing overall template management efficiency. 
  • Template Sharing: Share templates with sub-workspaces, fostering collaboration and enabling teams to work together seamlessly. 
  • Details about Template: The user can now easily see basic information about the Template (resolution, mode and sharing information) 

We believe that these enhancements will significantly improve the template management process, empowering users to work more efficiently and effectively. We encourage you to explore the new Template Management feature and experience its benefits firsthand. 

Automated user creation configuration 

We are pleased to introduce the new Automated User Creation Configuration feature, designed to streamline user creation for Single Sign-On (SSO) customers. This update offers an efficient and simplified process for managing user accounts, along with a configuration view that allows the definition of a conversion table for each Customer. The following requirements must be met for successful implementation: 

Key Features: 

  1. Streamlined User Creation: Automated user creation enables a seamless and efficient process for SSO customers, reducing manual efforts.
  2. Configuration View: Users can now define a conversion table specific to each Customer, ensuring accurate user mapping and seamless integration.
  3. Single Sign-On Connection: A secure Single Sign-On connection must be established between our system and the Customer’s authentication solution to enable automated user creation.
  4. Customer User Profile Configuration: Customers need to configure their user profiles to provide the necessary information required to define user types and access levels accurately.


By leveraging the Automated User Creation Configuration feature, users can eliminate manual user creation tasks, saving time and effort. We recommend working closely with Customers to establish the required Single Sign-On connection and configure their user profiles accordingly. 


  • A new Customer’s User administrator role  
  • Searchable Labels and label values drop-down menus in Player Creation 

Bug fix

  • Duplicate players are created due to failed Player creation batch job