Release Version 1.18.0

RELEASE DATE: 2024-04-24

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Rename Media Item from Zetacast Template

Users can now conveniently open playlists in the Sidekick by simply clicking on the playlist name listed in the file preview sidekick. This new feature enhances usability and streamlines the workflow for accessing and managing playlists within the Engage platform.

Users can now rename media items directly from the Zetacast template in the Engage platform. This enhancement provides greater flexibility and customization options for managing media content.


  1. Click the three-dot menu of the media file in the Zetacast template.
  2. Select "Edit" from the dropdown menu.
  3. Change the name of the file in the provided field.
  4. Save the changes.

Bug Fixes


Inability to Create a New Playlist

Users assigned the "Publisher Exclusive" or "Publisher" roles encountered an issue where they were unable to create new playlists within the Engage platform. This limitation hindered their ability to organize and manage content playback for their digital signage displays. Despite having the necessary permissions to perform playlist-related tasks, such as creating and editing playlists, affected users were restricted from initiating the creation of new playlists. 

To address this issue, our development team implemented a fix to ensure that users with the "Publisher Exclusive" or "Publisher" roles can now create new playlists seamlessly.

"Select All" Button Behavior in the Library

Implemented a fix to ensure that the "Select All" button resets its state after items are deleted from the library. Upon deletion of items, the button now reverts to its default unselected state, providing users with accurate visual feedback of the selection status.

Disabled "Update" Button in Playlist Preview

The team implemented a solution to disable the "Update" button when opening the preview or before any changes are made in the settings. Previously, users could observe that the "Update" button was enabled upon opening a playlist preview, allowing them to click the button without making any changes. With this fix, the button is now appropriately disabled until modifications are made, ensuring accurate functionality and preventing unintended actions.