Gauddi & Engage Glossary

Feature naming guide

Version: V.1.1
Release Date: 2023-11-15

About The Glossary 

This document provides a clear comparison of the key terminology between Gauddi and the Engage Suite content management system (CMS). It helps users and administrators understand how features in the two systems match up or correspond to each other. 

This comparison aims to simplify the migration process and ensure a smooth experience for all users, helping you navigate the changes effectively and maximize the benefits of the new Engage Suite CMS. 

Feature Name Guide 



Engage Suite 



Dashboard Dashboard The first page shown when signing in 
Library Library The folder structure where all content is stored 
Library - Template Template Library A separate folder structure for templates 
Library - Feeds App Hub A separate folder structure for integration feeds 
Templates Templates Editable content created through HTML5 
Content Editor Content Creator The tool used to edit the templates 
Campaign Playlist A collection of content set to be played at a certain interval 
Network Channels The total sum of all the content that is scheduled to the screen 
Schedule Playlist Digital representation of a screen/player 
Groups Group A collection of screens that streamlines the process of scheduling content  
Workspace Workspace A designated area where users can be given access with separate rights to manage and administer that specific area 
Reporting / Proof of Play Reports Tools used to verify proper functionality, accurate playback of content, screens, or players 
Accounts Accounts Subscribers to the screen 
Announcements Announcements Message from customer admin shown on the first page / dashboard 
Announcements Announcements Message from customer admin shown on the first page / dashboard 
 Notifications A message from the system itself to prompt action that needs to be taken