Release Version 1.12.0

We are excited to announce the release of Engage version 1.12.0!
This update introduces new features and improvements to further enhance your experience.

New Features

Copy Player Group with Rule Configuration:
With this new feature, you can now easily duplicate Player Groups while retaining their rule configurations. This saves you time and effort when setting up similar groups with similar rule settings.

Default Schedules for Template Files in the Library:
We’ve added the ability to set default schedules for Template files in the Library.


Default Rule Type in Group Configuration:
To streamline the process of creating new groups, we have changed the default rule type in the Group configuration from “Can be Any” to “Must Match.” This improvement reflects the fact that the majority of users commonly use the “Must Match” rule type. This change will make it quicker and more intuitive to create groups with the desired behaviour.

Auto-Complete Functionality for Label Value Drop-down Menu:
To streamline the process of selecting label values, we have added an auto-complete functionality to the drop-down menu. When configuring rules for Groups, the auto-complete feature suggests the label values based on your input, making it quicker and more intuitive to select the desired values.

We hope these new features and improvements enhance your experience with Engage. If you have any feedback or encounter any issues, PLEASE REACH OUT TO OUR SUPPORT TEAM. Enjoy using Engage 1.12.0!