Release Version 1.5.0

Release notes – Engage – Version 1.5.0 | Content Editor – Version 220705



  • Support for Power Schedule
  • Single-Sign-On capabilities added through integration with Okta

Content Editor

  • Multiple languages supported in text field placeholder texts
  • CE shows Engage environment (test/dev) when not in production
  • Module scripts supported in templates
  • Number edit component added to Content editor/templates
  • Colour picker component improved
  • Localization on list items fixed
  • The content editor uses Engage components for authentication, library, and selecting workspace
  • The content editor uses common Engage UI library components
  • Console logging is suppressed by default in production
  • When editing a template media item (except when creating from new), changes are auto-saved to local storage
  • Added 20s timeout for loading template in Transcoder

Bug Fixes


  • Not all playlists are shown
  • Playlists created with incorrect default properties.
  • Improved error handling for Playlist Names exceeding maximum length.
  • Improved scheduling for the individual content in sub-workspaces.
  • Targeting shared sub publish group and retrieving it in playlist view.
  • Updating unregistered players causes an error 500.
  • Player subscriptions/ID not mandatory
  • GetCampaigns improved for Playerbridge

Content Editor

  • Fixed import of template stylesheets
  • Localization on list items fixed

Test Summary

We have tested Engage backend version 1.3, frontend version 1.5.0, and Playerbridge version 1.3. We have released 3 user stories and 15 bug fixes. Additionally, 2 tasks have been tested.

1632 tests were run and there is one minor issue remaining in an open bug for this release.
Bug “HAR-1953 [PlayerbridgeAPI]: Add virtual display controller to the virtual player does not work” was not tested by the test team before going to production.