Admin Panel release v.1.2

Today we have released Admin Panel v1.2 with new functionalities and some improvements to Player Creation that were requested by IKEA Team.

New Functionalities

Roles for Admin Panel application access

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Admin Panel now support roles which are used to set Permissions for a user in Admin Panel. Some of the roles are limited for Zetadisplay users and some for normal users.

The defined role is specific to each customer, ensuring that users will only see items related to their respective customers in the Admin Panel. This allows us to provide access to the Admin Panel for customer users if required.

The Admin Panel role is set up in the user configuration view by enabling Admin Panel application access and assigning a role. Users can have access to multiple customers, and roles can be configured separately for each customer. This means that a user can have the same or different roles for each customer.

Duplicate players in Player Creation

We have introduced a new functionality called "Duplicate Player" in the Player Creation feature. This function allows you to easily copy a player with all its information, except for the player's name and license. This enhancement significantly improves the efficiency of player creation tasks, particularly for installations with a large number of players.

Create a new Label value in Player Creation

We have added a new functionality called "Create New Lable Value" to the Engage player creation feature. With this update, you can now add a new value to an existing label directly in the Admin Panel. This eliminates the need to navigate to Engage for label configuration, making the process more streamlined and efficient.

Updated views

We have made significant improvements to all views, making them clearer and easier to navigate. In the User View, we have modified the status symbols and included information indicating whether a user is connected to an External IdP (Identity Provider). These enhancements enhance the user experience and facilitate the identification of different information.

Other new functionalities and bug fixes

  • Add monitoring for Admin Panel
  • [BUG] Infobox when login or session is expired referring to Engage and not to Admin Panel
  • [BUG] EngageConnector: Token might get outdated
  • [BUG] UI failed to load all the data