Release Version 1.14.0

RELEASE DATE: 2023-11-14

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This is a powerful feature since it’s a very fast way to make revisions if there is something wrong with the previous 
file, even across multiple playlists. It could be pricing or a misspelling; just make the necessary changes, upload 
a new file version, and this will overwrite the old one. 
Users can swiftly make changes once without the need for redundant changes. Hence, saving time and effort.  

How to use the feature: 
When you upload a file and encounter a file with the same name, a prompt will appear asking for confirmation 
to overwrite the existing file. If you choose to overwrite, it will replace the Library file and all instances of the file 
in playlists where it's used. It's important to note that this overwrite functionality is applicable only during file 
uploads in the Library, not during playlist creation. 
If the file in the Library has individual content scheduling, it will be reset during the overwrite. However, if the 
copies of the file in playlists have individual content scheduling, those schedules will be transferred to the new 


Rebooting a player or screen is a crucial troubleshooting measure when these devices aren't functioning as 
In the past, if a workspace included shared players, local users couldn't initiate a reboot of the player from the 
With recent enhancements, local users with admin roles can independently reboot the player directly from the 
CMS system. This improvement provides more autonomy for local users in managing the system.  

How to access the feature: 
1. Navigate to the player you would like to reboot. 
2. Click the 3-dots menu.
3. Select reboot. 


Understanding the details of a playlist is crucial in determining whether it should be active or not. 
We have expanded this information to include the playlist's priority level and which workspace posted the 
playlist. This additional information gives you a good overview of the playlist's status and origin. 

How to access the feature: 
1. Go to the player you want to check.
2. Click on the player; this will open a sidebar.
3. In the sidebar, find the playlist you're interested in.
4. Click on that playlist to expand and see more details.


In response to user feedback on the UI/UX design, we are gradually implementing new elements. 
The player configuration now contains address, resolution, name, labels, and values.

How to access the feature: 
There are 2 ways of accessing the configuration page: 
1. Navigate to the player you would like to configure and click on it. This brings out the sidebar and at the 
top right corner there is a cogwheel, click on that will bring you to player configuration. 
2. In the 3 dots menu on the player, same menu as reboot, you will find “Edit”. This will bring you 
straight to the configuration page.