Release Version 1.3.0

Release notes – Engage – Version 1.3.0


  • Thumbnails for original templates
  • Functionality to delete templates from the template library
  • Implement player remote control providers and hooks
  • Implement PlayerRemoteControl in PlayerView
  • Get Location in batch for faster response time
  • Migration support – Powerschedule endpoint


  • React 17, Material-UI 5, Zeta UI Components v2
  •  Rebranded the Public API documentation page


  • Backend performance improvement to speed up authentication


  • Manipulating folders didn’t update sidekick targets
  • Refactor ConfirmMediaDelete prompt to be fool-proof
  • Fix the issue where the demo user is not deleted completely from DB on deleting the demo account
  • Long loading times when idling in engage
  • Adding a Channel to a Player is throws 404-Not Found error
  • Editing a Channel does not return Attribute values correctly type your content here.