Release Version 1.15.0

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Playlist Resumption

You can effortlessly pick up where you left off with your playlists, even after reloading the page or accidentally closing it. This feature ensures that your data remains intact, addressing concerns related to re-authentication interruptions during playlist creation or editing.

Overwrite Files During Upload

This feature introduces the capability for users to overwrite existing files during the upload process within the Library Widget. Now, users can easily manage their files by replacing outdated versions with updated ones directly during the upload.


Correct Aspect Ratio Thumbnails in Grid Mode

Thumbnails will now be displayed in their correct aspect ratio, eliminating the previous constraint where all thumbnails were cropped to fit a standardized 203x130 media container. This improvement ensures that users can view a larger and more accurate representation of content, particularly for media items with resolutions other than 16:9.