Release Version 1.2.0

The release notes for 1.2.0 of our Content Management System.


  • “Edit” on video files gives the option to change duration but it’s only visual
  • “Select all” doesn’t allow the user to deselect single items after having all selected.
  • When deleting media from the library and not selecting all playlists, the original is still deleted with the force option
  • When the user is using drag-and-drop from the library to the playlist the same item gets selected.
  • Paginated requests have invalid logic regarding stop value
  • LabelSetup: Adding player without channels to label value not persisting
  • Label Setup: When adding players to value Searching removes previous selections
  • Select all and paginated results
  • Breadcrumb navigation issue


  • Improved Google Analytics tracking
  • Admins can now choose to send out user invitations to Engage or to Gauddis' previous cms( for existing NL customers) through selection during user invitation. 
  • ZetaAdmins should be able to upload original templates to the Template Library
  • Users are able to remove labels
  • Users are able to remove players from the label
  • Users are able to search for templates
  • Users are able to select “Edit” on an individual playlist from the expanded players' view
  • Users are able to see content from the individual playlists it has in the expanded playlist view
  • The user has access to “Create content from template” through the Action button in the library
  • When a user deletes content from the library they get the option to delete it from all playlists instead of denied.
  • Merge the player list and group list into one view
  • Remove labels-related functionality from players' view
  • Users are able to persist an existing label
  • Users are able to persist a new label
  • Users are able to find and assign players to label value
  • Users are able to remove value from the label
  • Users are able to edit value name
  • Users are able to add a new value to label
  • Users are able to load existing label data into the editing view
  • Opening Templates in ContentEditor
  • Create separate labels view from players
  • Refactor players & groups' view
  • Users are able to edit Playlist Folders
  • Distribution groups are now nested in the hierarchy they have been organized in


  • Refactor how template links are generated to match new sourcePath logic
  • Implement a filter to render players as a flat list
  • Update the toolbar in players' view to work with players and groupsType your content here.