What is the Engage CMS?

Engage CMS FAQs

The Engage CMS (Content Management System) is the central component of the Engage Suite, providing users with comprehensive control and flexibility in managing digital displays. 

Here's a breakdown of what the Engage CMS offers: 

  • Content Management: Easily upload, organize, and update content, streamlining the process of content updates and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Precise Scheduling: Plan and schedule content to be displayed at specific times, down to the minute, ensuring content goes live exactly when needed. 
  • Real-Time Updates: Keep displays current with the latest information, promotions, or events, crucial for businesses adapting to market trends or conveying time-sensitive information. 
  • Multi-Screen Management: Offers a centralized platform for overseeing content across various displays, ideal for businesses with multiple locations or varied display needs. 
  • Content Segmentation: Tailors content messaging strategy by directing specific content to targeted displays or audience segments. 
  • Remote Management: Enables central management and update of playback within playlists, along with the ability to remotely reboot the system to restart screens when required, ensuring seamless operation from any location. 
  • Live Preview: Provides real-time monitoring of player activity with minimal delay, allowing users to start, stop, or pause streaming sessions. 
  • Mobile Accessibility: Allows convenient access to the Engage CMS on tablets or mobile devices, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for users on the go. 
  • Multi-Language Settings: Offers users the ability to navigate the interface in their preferred language, enhancing usability. Additionally, content creators can tailor content and settings to different language preferences, streamlining communication and collaboration. 

Overall, the Engage CMS empowers users with robust features and functionalities to effectively manage and optimize their digital display networks.