Admin Panel Release 1.7

Release date 21-09-2023

We are excited to announce the release of Admin Panel version 1.7! 

This update introduces new features and improvements to further enhance your experience.

Engage user management improvements

We've made some useful enhancements to user management within the Admin Panel. Now, you have the ability to delete a user exclusively from Engage without affecting their presence in the Admin Panel or Okta. This feature allows you to efficiently remove a user from Engage or seamlessly transfer them from one Customer/Workspace to another, all without the need to send new credentials to the user. Simplify your user management tasks with this improved functionality!

Enhancement for Player Batch view

We've improved the Player Batch View with some handy new features. You can now easily sort your list of batch jobs by alphabetical order, last modified date, or job status. Plus, you can quickly search for specific jobs using keywords and apply filters for even more control.

Export user list to CSV

We're excited to introduce the ability to export user information from the User List view to a convenient CSV file. With this feature, users can leverage the Search and Filter functionality to precisely define which users they want to include in the CSV export. For example, you can easily select, and export only online users connected to the ZetaDisplay Finland Customer.


The template name is visible while sharing a Template

We've made a small yet impactful improvement to the Template sharing view. Now, when sharing a Template, users can conveniently view the Template name throughout the entire process. This enhancement provides clarity, ensuring that users are always aware of which Template they are sharing, making the process smoother and more intuitive.